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Spot welding

Spot welding robot to better point control will cycle time by 20%:

Resistance spot welding is a welding process, the process uses a large current to two or more sheet metal bonded to a single location. Spot welding technology has been widely used by its use of articulated robots in the automotive industry and continue to develop. ikv challenge the limits by developing automated spot welding, spot welding and the automation provided through arm cabling, shorten cycle time, allowing for greater control and reduced costs.
ikv a robot using additional servo motors with a high resolution encoder to precisely control the spot welding gun action. ikv spot welding software to accurately control the position of the gun, acceleration and velocity. Position control and calibrate the intensity and thickness to allow for different types of welding materials. ikv advanced software optimized for servo gun trajectory gun, which results in an average cycle time reduced by 20%.
ikv industry-leading experience in spot welding technology that can help you improve product quality, shorten production cycle times, or design and build a custom turnkey solution for spot welding.


Arc welding robot to improve production and quality:

Arc welding is a large current to melt and fuse consumable metal to metal bonding process on the substrate. Welding and other related processes are widely used in transportation, construction and industrial equipment manufacturing. In the past years, ikv has developed a new metal manufacturing process, makes welding techniques, technology and quality have been improved.

IKV standard interface provided with any major brands of welding power adapter. Adaptive laser vision system can be used to view the front of the welding electrode bonding situation in order to determine prior to and during welding and real-time tracking geometry of the junction. ikv also provide start-sensing and touch sensing to determine the correct location of the weld. Multi-channel adaptive filling technology for heavy deposition welding applications.
IKV advanced technology can help you reach your desired arc system can achieve product quality and yield.