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Smart Factory

 IKV robot company has successfully developed for the mechanical manufacturing, cnc machining, electronics manufacturing and other industries characterized by intelligent logistics software, which contains a multi-robot collaboration and control software, intelligent logistics model and algorithm platform to pinpoint map-based logistics recognition platform section. For customers to achieve efficient, dynamic, accurate, real-time, full information links logistics solutions.


IKV complex AGV product advantages:

     Dynamic: inertial navigation AGV navigation electronic map, the path can be freely modified in real time; flexible task execution functions, AGV during operation can dynamically change the transport task.
     Platform: AGV motion inertial navigation platform, you can attach a variety of logistics docking device, customized to meet customer demand for logistics.
     High precision: inertial navigation AGV guidance accuracy of 1mm, stopping accuracy of 10mm, to meet the high-precision logistics and transport requirements.
     Intelligence: intelligent scheduling AGV inertial navigation system, real-time collection AGV system operation, intelligent scheduling AGV complete logistics and charging; and can achieve intelligent control and congestion avoidance.
     Scalability: inertial navigation AGV has a wealth of information interface for docking with the WMS, MES, ERP and other systems, and can be realized with automation equipment, intelligent docking hardware to achieve five of the exchange of information.
     Reliability: inertial navigation AGV key parts of our self-developed or imported, with very high stability for a long period.


      1, AGV control system can be realized according to customer demand customization Internet, and shop WMS, ERP, MES and other docking systems, data exchange.
      2, AGV according to the on-board CAD map to achieve autonomous navigation, the point at station equipment and lifting machines and other automated docking, composed of controllable and manageable system of things
      3, AGV traffic control system has a multi-functional machine scheduling and coordination operations, intelligent avoidance, dynamic task generation, dynamic programming path, automatic charging function.
      4, artificial AGV can remotely configure and monitor the state of motion and movement tasks.
      5, AGV control system can replace part of the warehouse management system, automatic programming stations and cache, with data storage capabilities.