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Automatic charging scheme of AGV car

2020-05-07 16:00

1. Ampere hour meter

The ampere hour meter is a kind of instrument for measuring SOC and voltage of lithium battery pack. It should be installed on the trolley to display SOC and voltage of battery pack in time. When the remaining capacity of the battery pack reaches 20% of the rated capacity or the battery pack voltage is lower than 20V, the ampere hour meter shall send an alarm signal to inform the AGV car background monitoring that the car should go to the charging position for charging; the signal form is dry contact signal or 485 communication signal.

agv robot charging

2. Charger

Thdy series intelligent robot charging system is an intelligent charging device developed by our company according to the charging technical requirements of lithium iron phosphate battery for AGV car. The device uses PLC as the main control unit, 7-inch color LCD touch screen as the human-machine exchange platform, and the main circuit uses high-frequency switching power circuit, which is light in weight, small in size, high in efficiency, high in voltage and current stability accuracy. The whole set of equipment is easy to operate, reliable, well protected and highly automated. Provide 485 communication interface and dry contact signal (charging, standby, full and fault) for AGV background monitoring, and timely exchange data and working status for upper computer.

1) AC input voltage: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz
2) DC output voltage: DC 0-30V
3) DC output current: DC 10-100a
4) Noise: ≥ 55dB (1m from closing front and rear doors)
5) Cooling mode: air cooling
6) External dimension: height 900mm × width 600mm × thickness 400mm
7) Weight about 40kg
8) Installation method: Ground

3. Interface

Battery charging interface: single pole, double pole, three-stage, 20a, 60A, 80A, 100A, 200A and other specifications, which can be used for charging lithium battery, lead-acid battery, nickel hydrogen battery, nickel cadmium battery and other batteries, and can also be used in the online charging system of AGV navigation transport vehicle. The products are widely used in power, railway, communication, logistics automation, national defense, petrochemical, metallurgy, coal mine and other leaders Domain charging system, and can completely replace imported products.