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Discussion on AGV Carrier Climbing Amplitude and AGV Carrier Tonnage

2020-04-02 13:49

IKV is a professional AGV truck manufacturer. The AGV automatic guided vehicles provided are widely used in biomedicine, packaging and printing, tobacco industry, precision manufacturing, photovoltaic industry, material management and other fields. This article is an IKV AGV trolley manufacturer's discussion on the AGV van's tonnage and climbing range. The first is, the larger the tonnage of the AGV truck, the better; the second is, is there any restriction on the climbing of the AGV truck.

Is the larger tonnage of the AGV truck better? It has a certain one-sidedness, and it also has a certain reason; because the weight of the AGV truck is greater, the possibility of rollover is smaller, but not the heavier the weight is, the better the quality is. Increasing the cost of power will also affect the life of the power system, so when you choose, you should choose the load of the car according to your needs, not just pursuing large tonnage.

Are there any restrictions on AGV van climbing? No matter what kind of high-precision AGV van has certain restrictions when climbing, if the number of climbs of the car is limited, in principle, you cannot climb steep slopes to prevent danger. Because the volume and weight of the objects handled by the AGV truck are larger than that of the previous year, if the slope is large, the danger will increase. Therefore, in principle, it must be operated within the specified slope of the AGV truck. Jiangxi IKV is a professional AGV trolley manufacturing company in Jiangxi. It has advanced foreign processing equipment and technology to ensure that each AGV equipment provided has high positioning accuracy, flexibility and long service life. AGV trolley manufacturers: www.ikvrobot.com