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Method for improving industrial AGV handling robot efficiency

2020-01-19 10:51

AGV car robot provided by IKV AGV manufacturers have been widely used in 3C, automotive, hardware, logistics, food and other fields. Aiming at how enterprise users can use the AGV car more efficiently, the IKV industrial robot AGV manufacturers summarize and analyze from the following aspects.

agv robot vehicle

1. Reasonably plan the route of AGV robot transportation. First of all, we need to analyze the entire handling process, reasonably plan the handling route of the AGV trolley, and reduce the distance and loading and unloading times as much as possible, which is very important to improve the handling efficiency of the AGV trolley. The focus is on the rational planning of the space, making the AGV logistics route the shortest, and the location is reasonable during the layout, so as to minimize the cross, roundabout, and reciprocation of the AGV logistics route. As far as possible to achieve continuous loading and unloading operations, reduce the number of loading and unloading operations, and prevent invalid loading and unloading.

2. Select the appropriate container (such as tray, bin) according to the characteristics of the selected material. We need to choose which container to carry the material according to the physical characteristics of the material being transported. Commonly used containers are pallets, bins, cage cars, etc. In addition, we must fully consider the requirements of the process. Assuming that a pallet can hold 10 boxes of materials, then a 50-box AGV cart can be completed in 5 passes, which is much more efficient than an AGV cart that only handles one box at a time.

3. Reasonably set up a temporary storage area for materials. If the AGV car moves the materials to be used in advance to a reasonable transition position, that is, the material temporary storage area; in this way, when the materials are needed, the AGV trolley can be directly transferred from the material temporary storage area to the designated station, greatly Reduced response time, saved handling time, and improved business efficiency.

4. Increase the single-handling capacity of the AGV trolley. In order to improve the handling, the AGV handling trolley can also carry a variety of different goods at the same time, you can use pallets, multiple loading mechanisms, dragging and other methods.

5. Record analysis continues to improve. By recording the AGV trolley's transportation route and the number of times of transportation, the shortcomings in the AGV transportation system scheme are analyzed, and improvement measures and suggestions are proposed.

6. There are differences in the efficiency of different AGV handling trolleys. The efficiency of AGV cars with different navigation methods is quite different. Generally, the efficiency of trackless laser AGV cars is about 3 times higher than that of magnetic navigation AGVs. In addition, the functional characteristics of AGV products produced by different AGV manufacturers will be different, so there are certain differences in efficiency. AGV trolley manufacturer: info@ikvrobot.com.