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Some problems you need to consider before the implementation of AGV project

2019-10-30 15:36

In order to let the enterprise choose the AGV car products and handling scheme suitable for its own enterprise, IKV AGV manufacturer combed the application of production and logistics, and told you several issues that need to be considered before the implementation of AGV project. Such as: the use environment of AGV car, its working process, operation form and so on, all of which need us to understand clearly, so as to choose the best AGV products and efficient handling scheme.

agv material handling robot

1. The user needs to provide the drawings of the workshop using AGV trolley, including the location of the loading point and the unloading point of the AGV trolley, and the method of loading and unloading;

2. Description of handling process of AGV trolley. Need to indicate the process and purpose of automatic handling to be realized;

3. Station (production) beat;

4. It is necessary to know the weight and size of products to be handled by AGV trolley;

5. Try to provide as many photos of AGV trolley use on site (such as: logistics channel, warehouse, loading and unloading point, etc.).

6. It is necessary to know whether there is slope, oil stain, water stain, groove, etc. in the ground environment where the trolley is used. If there is oil stain on the road surface, it is necessary to carry out anti-skid treatment. The width of groove is required to be controlled within 3cm and the slope is 3 degrees.

7. It is also necessary to know whether AGV car needs to pass through rolling shutter door, automatic sensing door, air shower door, etc. if passing through these doors, it must support automatic sensing function or be transformed into automatic sensing door;

8. Implementation site of the project (mainly including local climate environment and factory environment);

9. AGV's roughly required models shall provide products with close use functions. In the early stage of information collection, it helps to provide better implementation scheme for customers, and also provides reliable basis for AGV car manufacturing and technical implementation.

At present, many enterprises do not want to destroy the ground or the surrounding environment, or do not want to increase the construction of the wall. In the later stage, when changing the AGV workplace, they can work less, and can easily achieve good flexibility. Of course, this can also be achieved. For example, the trackless laser navigation AGV developed by danbach in Jiangxi province does not need any auxiliary positioning. It is flexible and highly flexible. It can be flexibly scheduled and applied to the overall deployment according to the actual production demand. The practical application case is the test standard of whether the AGV product is stable and the technology is mature. The laser AGV provided by Jiangxi danbach AGV manufacturer has been widely used in 3C electronics, clothing and textile, home appliances and machinery manufacturing, and many large-scale practical application cases.