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The advantages of AGV trucks instead of manual handling

2021-01-27 15:00

It is understood that the Sanya duty-free store warehouse has introduced the use of AGV trucks. Dozens of trucks can operate automatically throughout the day. The system can set the handling plan according to the location of the goods in the warehouse. One is determined to be the driving route. The staff does not need to spend a lot of time on the sorting of the goods, just wait for the truck to deliver the goods in front of the counter, and then scan the code on the screen to confirm the order and complete the delivery work.

In addition, parcel sorting is one of the more time-consuming tasks in modern e-commerce work and requires a lot of manual work to complete. However, with the development of the e-commerce industry, the number of express parcels has also increased, and the manual speed is no longer Once again able to adapt to the high-efficiency requirements of enterprises, AGV trucks can help improve sorting efficiency and play an important role, effectively reducing the enterprise's dependence on labor. Under the normal situation of the epidemic, the rare problem of enterprise recruitment has been solved, and robots have replaced labor, reducing crowd gathering and meeting epidemic prevention requirements.

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The use of AGV trucks is safer. The packages of logistics express have different sizes. The manual handling of large packages is laborious, the sorting of small packages is troublesome, and the manual efficiency may decrease after long-term work, and the efficiency of the handling robot is more stable. It can complete heavy packages that cannot be handled manually, and has the automatic obstacle avoidance function, which reduces the accident rate and is safer. In addition, AGV trucks can also be customized to meet the needs of various environments and driving spaces. It can work in a narrow-lane environment where people cannot work. IKV robots focus on the R&D and production of AGV trucks, adhere to user demand-oriented, and have won the favor of all walks of life. The AGV products sold include: magnetic tape guided lurking AGV trolleys, laser guided forklifts agv , qr navigation agv, etc.