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Detailed explanation of AGV truck functions

2021-01-04 17:11

Countries are facing the pressure of aging population, rising labor costs and upgrading of industrial structure. In addition, some industries are forcing manufacturing companies to develop cost-effective automatic material handling solutions due to technology and working environment. Therefore, the market for AGV trucks Flourish

1. Accurate navigation: It can automatically and accurately navigate according to the planned route.
2. Carrying capacity: refers to the carrying capacity of the AGV truck.
3. Intelligent obstacle avoidance: Automatically detect whether there is an obstacle in front, if there is an obstacle, it can automatically stop, and the obstacle disappears and restarts the work.
4. Multi-path selection: according to different work needs, automatically select the walking route
5. Intelligent deceleration: It can automatically detect the turning radius when turning, and the AGV truck will automatically slow down to achieve smooth turning when the turning radius is too small.
6. Automatic handling: When arriving at the pick-up location, the materials can be automatically lifted and moved or lowered.
7. Intelligent charging: During operation, if the battery power is lower than the lower limit, the AGV truck can automatically return to the charging station for automatic charging, and re-enter work after the charging is completed.
8. Remote control: The mobile phone remote control function can be carried out. The mobile phone APP can remotely control the all-round operation of the AGV truck, and can realize the remote setting of the start time and the stop time.

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