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The development situation of AGV robot is very good, but there are some problems

2020-03-16 16:29

No matter intelligent factory or intelligent logistics can not do without AGV robot, which is a powerful tool in many large unmanned factories. Small, scattered and scattered small manufacturing workshops can also see the application of AGV.

However, even in the case of good market and good products, good environment is also rare. From the application market, localization utilization rate and other aspects, AGV has a great development prospect, and more sub sectors and special application scenarios are constantly developed, which is a positive side for the whole industry. However, the survival environment of enterprises is not necessarily benign under favorable conditions.

lurking agv robot

The above living environment problems mainly reflect these three points:

1、 The industry competition intensifies and the profitability is relatively weak. With the concept of intelligent logistics becoming more and more popular, the pursuit of capital for AGV related enterprises is becoming more and more obvious, which brings a large number of enterprises into the AGV industry and intensifies the market competition. On the one hand, many enterprises' financing and gambling seize the market for low performance, on the other hand, homogenization and price war lead to the reduction of overall profits.

2、 The core parts mainly depend on foreign products. At present, the core parts of AGV are still restricted by the import industry chain, and few can increase the R & D investment, so high-end talents are hard to find. At present, the sensor technology, navigation technology and servo drive technology of AGV robot are all heavily dependent on foreign mature brands, and the domestic supply chain is very weak.

3、 It is difficult to unify industry standards to restrict the development of industry. Domestic AGV is still a relatively subdivided field, and the relevant industry standards and product standards are very scarce, the product quality is uneven, and the market application also appears the phenomenon of price confusion because it is difficult to achieve the unification of standards.

In the future, AGV robot will create more application value with the development of domestic ontology design, the improvement of supply chain, and the promotion of emerging application market. Therefore, it is more broad to insist on the prospects of enterprises in those market segments or technology accumulation.