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AGV car will gradually replace manual material handling

2020-03-07 14:42

With the continuous progress of science and technology, various types of AGV robots are gradually entering our lives. AGV intelligent robots are also constantly replacing the manual handling of materials, significantly reducing the labor intensity of workers, reducing the number of labor, and greatly improving the handling automation.

It is expected that in the next few years, AGV cars will appear in the workshops of various industries. Compared with many other manufacturers, the AGV car has been applied to all walks of life, and will be committed to better serve the automation and intelligent development of customers.

industrial agv robot

AGV car, as an automatic unmanned handling equipment, can reduce the labor intensity and improve the work efficiency. At the same time, some "impossible tasks" can be accomplished skillfully and quickly. For example, AGV car is introduced into the assembly workshop of large-scale equipment such as automobile, aerospace, chemical industry, etc. In this way, AGV car will have a place to use, without the need for manual care, the use of AGV car can reduce the burden of labor.

The role of intelligent AGV car in the traditional manufacturing industry is still very big. Now we are vigorously developing industrial automation. AGV handling robot is the "hero" to promote the transformation of enterprises. Its role cannot be ignored. With the cooperation of AGV handling robot, the transformation of enterprises is closer to success.

Although the AGV car is small in size, it does not affect its strong load-bearing capacity. It does not need to be operated and driven manually, and can realize the function of the unmanned carrier. With the development of AGV car, it has been upgraded from the traditional magnetic navigation to the inertial guidance and laser guidance AGV car, from the need to lay the magnetic stripe track on the ground of the enterprise workshop to the need not to lay the track It works.

IKV AGV car helps enterprises to transform, improves production efficiency of traditional enterprises, realizes point-to-point automatic access and handling, realizes refinement, flexibility, informatization, shortens logistics time, reduces commodity loss, and reduces construction investment cost