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Detailed description of control system of AGV carrying car

2019-12-11 10:37

The high-efficiency operation of AGV handling trolleys in various fields is inseparable from the "operational strategy" of the control system. Jiangxi Danbach AGV manufacturers will elaborate on several control functions of AGV car control system.

The control system of the AGV handling trolley mainly includes four main functions, namely motion control function, position control function, communication function, and protection function.

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1. Motion control function: In order to realize the function of automatic pick-up of the AGV handling trolley from the cargo receiving position to the loading platform, the AGV trolley control system can have the function of controlling its horizontal walking and position exact stop.

2. Position control function: In order to efficiently and accurately dock and access the cargo with the handling robot, the AGV handling cart must achieve the accurate positioning of the cargo or station location with appropriate speed and appropriate addressing and positioning methods. The positioning of the AGV trolley is mainly the positioning in the horizontal walking direction.

3. Communication function: In the automatic three-dimensional storage control system, in order to realize the automatic operation of the AGV truck, the AGV truck must exchange frequent information and data with the host computer, touch screen and other equipment in the storage center. Because the AGV cart is in the storage center Running on the track, affected by the surrounding environment, usually wireless communication is selected.

4. Protection function: In order to ensure the safety of the equipment, cargo and related staff of the three-dimensional storage center, the AGV handling trolley is equipped with complete hardware and software protection devices, and corresponding protective measures have been taken in the system control. Such as motor power failure protection, obstacle detection and obstacle avoidance protection.

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