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Application of palletizing robot

2019-11-26 14:13

The functions of palletizing robot are rich and diverse, which can replace manual handling, palletizing and production to rapidly improve the production efficiency and capacity of the company. At the same time, it can reduce the errors caused by human handling; robot palletizing system can carry out all-weather operations, equipped with robots can replace the workload of many workers, which can save a lot of human resource costs every year. Mainly used in chemical industry, beverage, food, beer, plastic and other production enterprises. Suitable for all kinds of cartons, bags, filling, beer boxes, bottles and other forms of packaging.

As we all know, it is very difficult to carry, place, store and access goods in the warehouse. It is impossible to rely on manual handling and complete efficient storage and access. Therefore, the automation level of the warehouse is now high with a variety of carriers and handling robots. Palletizing robot is a very common kind of warehouse.

industrial palletizer robot

The following are the advantages of palletizing robot application:

1. Save warehouse area

The palletizing robot can stack the goods one layer at a higher level, thus reducing the occupation of the use area. At the same time, the palletizer can also dismantle the stacked goods one layer at a time, so there is no problem in handling.

2. Saving labor cost

There is no doubt about the cost saving. Whether it needs manual operation or manual handling, it needs a lot of human resources. Some enterprises only need to spend hundreds of thousands of yuan per year for porters, while large enterprises are more. With the full-automatic stacker, the cost will be saved.

3. Efficient handling

Manual handling, each person does not carry a lot of goods in an hour, especially when stacking high, the efficiency is lower. At the end of the day, the goods in the warehouse may not have been palletized. Automatic stacker in the warehouse stacking, basically will not be affected by the height. No matter how high it is. Moreover, no matter the stacking height, the efficiency is very high.