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AGV manufacturer's overview of characteristics of automated guided vehicles, lurking agv robot and forklift agv robot

2019-11-13 15:43

IKV a professional AGV car manufacturer, has many years of R & D and production experience, providing AGV car equipment suitable for different fields, including: unmanned carrier, unmanned tractor, unmanned forklift, etc. For the above three types of AGV cars, what are their respective characteristics and application fields, will be described in detail in the next danbach AGV manufacturers.

agv car robot

agv car: It is mainly used to complete the material handling operation. It uses manual or automatic transfer device to load the goods onto the AGV trolley. After the AGV trolley moves to the designated place, the manual or automatic transfer device unloads the goods to complete the handling task. Under the command of the control system, danbach AGV car with automatic transfer device can automatically complete the whole process of cargo taking, releasing and horizontal operation, while AGV car without transfer device can only realize the automatic operation in horizontal direction, and the cargo taking and releasing operation needs to rely on human force or other loading and unloading equipment.

lurking agv robot

lurking agv robot: Its main function is to automatically pull the flat car loaded with goods and only provide traction power; when the AGV trolley drives the flat car to the destination, it will automatically separate from the flat car loaded with goods and complete the transportation task.

forklift agv robot

forklift agv robot: Its basic function is similar to the mechanical forklift, except that all actions are automatically controlled by the control system, and all kinds of handling tasks are automatically completed.

The AGV provided by IKv also has the advantages of clean production. The AGV car relies on its own battery to provide power, and the operation process is very low in noise and pollution-free. It can be applied in many places requiring clean working environment, and the cost of changing the transportation route is much lower than that of traditional conveyor belt or conveyor belt. AGV trolley contact email: info@ikvrobot.com