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These are the common applications of AGV intelligent handling robot

2019-10-18 16:16

With the rapid development of automation technology, intelligence is gradually introduced into the application of logistics transportation, so the task of transportation is more efficient and efficient. In fact, the application of AGV intelligent handling robot is very popular in enterprises. Here are the applications in these areas:

agv material handling robot

1. Manufacturing industry

AGV handling robots on the market are mainly distributed in the material handling of manufacturing industry. AGV vehicle robots provide accurate, efficient and flexible delivery of logistics tasks. And it can realize the flexible logistics transportation system composed of multiple AGVs, and the transportation route can change in time with the adjustment of production process. AGV can be used as a basic handling tool. AGV is widely used in many industries, such as mechanical processing, home appliance production, microelectronics manufacturing, cigarette and so on, while life processing and manufacturing is the most widely used field of AGV.

2. Food, medicine and pharmaceutical industry

For the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries with special requirements of cleaning, safety and no emission pollution, the application of AGV intelligent handling robot is also paid attention. In many domestic cigarette enterprises, such as Qingdao Yizhong group, Yuxi Hongta Group, Honghe Cigarette Factory and Huaiyin cigarette factory, laser guided AGV is used to carry pallets.

3. Catering service industry

In the future, AGV car in the service industry is also expected to play a big role. For example, basic labor such as serving dishes, serving tea and delivering water in restaurants can be realized by AGV handling robot, which can reduce the dependence on labor and improve the operating efficiency.

AGV material handling robot can also be used in some special industries, playing a detective role in the military, in the steel plant for furnace material transportation, in the nuclear power plant to avoid dangerous radiation, in the film and film warehouse to accurately transport materials and semi-finished products and so on. The diversification of AGV intelligent handling robot applications has brought good news to many industries, which is the joy of producers. Hear and see.