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Do companies need to introduce AGV cars?

2020-02-24 15:24

After the introduction of the concepts of Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing 2025 and Industry 4.0, various industries have set off a wave of intelligent manufacturing. As the main force of intelligent handling equipment, AGV cars have a wide range of practical applications in various fields such as enterprise production, warehouse logistics, and e-commerce logistics. For managers who want to use AGV cars to change the production status of enterprises, it is also necessary to evaluate whether AGV cars need to be introduced. So which companies need to introduce AGV cars?

agv car

1.The harsh environment is worth introducing AGV car

Many people know that there are many types of production enterprises with very harsh environments, such as: vulcanization workshops that produce tires, and the production workshop maintains high temperatures all year round, especially in summer, the temperature can reach 40-50 ° C, and there is a large amount of dispersion in the workshop Some toxic and harmful gases such as sulfur; electroplating workshop, spraying workshop, casting workshop, etc. are all places with harsh environment, either there are many toxic gases harmful to human body in the environment, or the temperature is extremely high. Therefore, it is difficult to recruit workers in these places, the mobility is very large, and it is very prone to safety accidents and occupational diseases.

In the case of the above harsh environment, we introduce the AGV car not only to replace manual work in dangerous and harsh environments, but also to reduce safety accidents and reduce unnecessary losses for enterprises.

2.Enterprises with high-load logistics handling operations are worth introducing AGV cars

Friends who know the AGV car will know very well that the handling efficiency of an AGV car is the efficiency of at least 3 ordinary workers, and only needs to be charged to work continuously for 24 hours, and the AGV car is tireless, does not need rest, does not need Holiday is a real super porter.

3. Production companies with dangerous processes are worth introducing AGV cars

Today, there are also many companies with dangerous environments, such as the environment in which a large number of heavy-duty forklifts  agv operate, the production of civilian explosives, and so on. In a dangerous environment, safety production must be given top priority. In this dangerous type of enterprise, the AGV car can reduce the number of employees and replace the employees' operations, and the personnel safety is guaranteed.