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The significance of applying AGV robot trolleys in production lines

2019-07-09 10:33

At present, the domestic logistics industry is developing rapidly, and the demand for intelligent handling is also increasing. The use of intelligent trucks can increase the corresponding work efficiency. With the continuous improvement of intelligent technology, the function of the AGV car is becoming more and more perfect, and the corresponding advantages are very obvious.

  The AGV car integrates light, machine, electricity and computer, and integrates advanced theory and application technology in the field of science and technology. The guiding ability of the AGV trolley is very strong, and the positioning accuracy is high, and the performance of the automatic driving operation is good.

agv robot car


The AGV trolley can be quickly and flexibly combined with various production lines and assembly lines. Different functions can be implemented in different combinations according to different needs. It minimizes the logistics turnover cycle and reduces the turnover of materials. It can realize the flexible connection between incoming materials and processing, logistics and production, and can maximize the working efficiency of the production system.

2. Reliable

 In the working process of the AGV system, each step is a series of data and information communication transformation process, the background has a strong database support, fully guarantee the reliability of the AGV operation process, and complete the task timeliness.

3. Independent

  The AGV is self-contained and can be used as a stand-alone unit to perform specific tasks without the support of other systems. Its compatibility is relatively strong, it can work independently, and it is good at closely integrating with other production systems, scheduling systems, etc., with outstanding compatibility and good adaptability.