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Not Every AGV Forklift Solution is Suitas IKV robot Will Make You a Better Dancer

2020-12-31 14:17

At present, there are about 40 AGV companies on the market that have developed forklift AGVs. Each manufacturer has its own advantages and characteristics. Of course, the forklift AGV solution that suits you is good! The domestic AGV application field continues to expand. More and more industries and new users are beginning to try to use AGV products. The rapid development is an accurate summary of the AGV’s hot market in recent years. Each unit is also doing its best. Try and explore applications in many application fields, and achieve good application effects in many fields. However, in the process of project execution, some users need to construct the supporting information system synchronously, and the one-sided pseudo-needs cannot be truly reflected in actual use.

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IKV industrial robot has a highly skilled R&D team, insists on starting from user needs, paying attention to early detailed communication, and can provide customers with customized solutions. At present, it can provide laser navigation AGV forklifts, single submersible traction AGV, two-way submersible AGV , Two-way roller AGV trolley and other products Among them, the laser navigation AGV forklift can realize automatic driving, operation, guidance, charging, task distribution, traffic control, route optimization, safe collision avoidance, automatic diagnosis and other functions in the network environment according to the instructions of the upper system or external call equipment signals. Using intuitive and vivid graphics, animation and sound and other multimedia methods, display the AGV driving path, collect the operation and status information of the AGV in real time, realize the monitoring of the entire AGV system, and effectively maintain the normal operation of the system. When your company is confused when choosing an AGV forklift, you may wish to contact Danbach customer service to communicate with you carefully and patiently, explore your real needs, and provide you with a solution that is satisfactory and suitable for you. IKV robot mailbox: info@ikvrobot.com