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What is the difference between a palletizer and a palletizing robot

2020-03-05 16:05

Palletizers can be divided into two types: mechanical palletizers and palletizing robots. Mechanical palletizers can be divided into rotary palletizers and hand palletizers. The reason why it can effectively complete the palletizing task is mainly based on its palletizing efficiency and intelligence. If you want to palletize products according to the input system, you can enter some requirements for the product into the palletizer system. Achieved.

Generally, the palletizer keeps the pallet on the floor during the loading process, and it is suitable for its system program at any height, and it can enter the machine even if the floor is horizontal. The high-level palletizer mainly promotes a pallet to build a multi-level product. If the required number of layers of the pallet should be completed, it is lowered to the pallet conveyor and advanced to the pallet loading area.

industrial palletizer robot

Compared with traditional palletizing methods, robotic palletizers can automate palletizing activities, which not only makes palletizing simple, but also adapts to different packaging fields. In addition, the packaging's requirements for size, shape, and material will also make palletizing more complex and diverse, but as long as it adapts to the requirements of flexible modes or provides suitable end-arm tooling, it can solve different packaging requirements.

Such a palletizing system simplifies the whole packaging process a lot, which is also an important reason for the popularity of palletizing robots.