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IKv manufacturers tell you the advantages of trackless navigation AGV

2020-02-20 14:37

IKV robot is an advanced AGV car manufacturing enterprise in China, which provides AGV car equipment including: one-way traction AGV, two-way latent AGV, laser forklift AGV, etc.; IKV AGV car is favored by market users because of its excellent performance. Jiangxi IKv robot has always been carrying out the high-quality insistence to make every AGV product provided excellent quality.

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In the next 10 years, China's market demand for AGV cars will maintain a growth rate of more than 45%, which is also the reason for the rapid growth of domestic AGV manufacturers. IKv AGV car with intelligent, efficient, stable, safe, high-quality performance, has been fully recognized by manufacturing enterprises. The new generation AGV car provided by IKv - trackless navigation AGV. Compared with the traditional AGV car, it has the greatest advantage of no need of auxiliary navigation signs, high flexibility, intelligent interactive system and simple operation of fool type. IKv trackless navigation AGV, which self navigates and self locates, makes AGV reach the level of intelligence and flexibility of intelligent robot, which is the key reason why IKv robot AGV products have accumulated a large number of customers in just a few years.

The trackless navigation AGV car provided by IKv has practical application examples in many industries. Its application scenario covers almost all intelligent manufacturing line logistics, such as three-dimensional warehouse platform connection, independent flexible handling, assembly line loading and unloading, and has accumulated rich practical experience in AGV projects. Its professional and high-quality service has been unanimously recognized and praised by customers. For more information about AGV car price or equipment performance, please leave a message: info@ikvrobot.com