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What are the advantages of intelligent handling AGV compared with ordinary AGV car

2019-12-23 10:26

The manufacturer of ikv agv trolley provides the equipment of AGV trolley including: towing AGV, lurking AGV, Forklift AGV, etc. Intelligent handling AGV is a new generation of AGV handling car developed by danbach, Jiangxi province. Compared with ordinary AGV cars, it has the following four advantages.

forklift agv robot

1. IKV provides intelligent handling AGV with much more flexibility than ordinary AGV. Ordinary AGV can only drive along the fixed route and perform the same transportation task. Intelligent handling AGV, it does not need to lay magnetic strips, has no track limit, and can run freely anywhere in the factory, with higher efficiency, more flexibility and intelligence.

2. IKV intelligent handling AGV adopts intelligent operating system, which converts traditional buttons into intelligent buttons. It is as intuitive and easy to operate as smart phones, and it is very convenient to operate, which is convenient for employees to use products quickly and efficiently.

3. Intelligent handling AGV can be compatible with most intelligent factory systems and can provide real-time overview of material transportation to ensure real-time production control. Intelligent handling AGV can communicate with manufacturing tools and data servers, easily track each accessory and know its location and status in real time.

4. The SLAM laser navigation technology of intelligent AGV provided by IKV adds the understanding of scene semantics, which enables robots to have the ability to learn new environment. It can provide users with a large number of matching functions, such as voice, remote call and other humanized use functions.

The intelligent transportation AGV provided by IKV has been widely used in the production and transportation links in the fields of automobile manufacturing, food and tobacco, 3C electronic manufacturing, household appliance manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing and so on, pushing the production logistics to the intelligent era. For more information about products and prices, please email: info@ikvrobot.com