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Roadway Stacker

2016-08-27 15:20

Roadway stacker Introduction

Roadway Stacker is the main equipment of Automatic Stereoscopic Warehouse. It is an important part of the rapid development of modern logistics system, and can save area and labor, work quickly and accurately, improve the efficiency of the transceiver, reduce transportation costs and so on. Usually linking with host computer they can make up automatic warehousing logistics system. It’s is an important element of production, sales and management.

Roadway Stacker
Roadway Stacker Techncial Parameters

Suitable pallet size (cargo) General
Rated load 3000kg
Height 3~22mH
Speed high-speed specifications
Traveling (MAX speed) 160m / min (variable speed drive) 200m / min (stepless drive)
Lifting (MAX speed) 40m / min (variable speed drive)  50m / min (variable speed drive)
Fork (MAX speed) 40m / min (variable speed drive)
Use the power three-phase AC 380V ± 10% 50Hz ± 2%
Control cabinet control control machine / computer control
Positioning accuracy Traveling positioning accuracy recognition site: address recognition accuracy laser ranging ± 4mm
Lifting recognize Address: Address recognition accuracy laser ranging ± 4mm
Outrigger: rotary encoder accuracy ± 4mm recognition site
Signal propagation mode Optical transmission / Wireless transmission
Stacker Color Stacker standard color or color Schnauzer customers
Standard Schnauzer color or customers
Fire Escape, etc. (white) or customers

Our stackers, introduction of foreign advanced technology, in pursuit of high-speed, strong stability as the goal, have two kinds of traction chain and wire rope forms and a double column single column two structures ways to meet the needs of the different characteristics of the project .