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AGV electronic control system

2016-06-02 16:31

AGV electronic control system Introduction

IKV Agv electronic control system is designed for AGV car, the mobile robot platform developed electronic control system, the system including onboard controllers, I / O interface board, magnetic navigation sensors, HMI human-machine interface components, magnetic navigation supported by default and inertial navigation in two ways.Ike Weir by using the electronic control system and AGV Ike Weir drive unit, users can easily develop an independent brand AGV products, automatic navigation, automatic transport function.

AGV electronic control system construction

IKV AGV electronic control system, using CANBUS bus architecture supports modular construction and extension, it can achieve a variety of interfaces and complex AGV movement. Wherein the onboard controllers for high-performance embedded industrial platform that supports a network interface, WIFI interfaces, CAN interface and RS232 interface, built-in real-time LINUX system and Ike Weir navigation and control software, has good scalability, intelligent AGV products the basic platform.
IKV I / O interface boards, each board can support 40 channel I / O interfaces, each interfaces using optical coupling isolation mode, the user can control Ike Weir software vendor for I / O interfaces defined event , the action definition, so independent and dynamic interactive features PLC, elevators, access control and so on.
IKV magnetic navigation sensors, high precision linear magnetic navigation sensors, the length of only 480mm from 160mm ranging support CANBUS interface, using DSP processing, it can output high-precision analog signal is developed by independent Ike Weir IP products can be adapted to the magnetic navigation AGV, inertial navigation AGV, mobile robot platform products.
IKV HMI human-machine interface with touch screen interface, using QT platform, with powerful features good scalability, support CANBUS interface can be defined independently run path, RFID site properties, speed, flag and other information bifurcation, AGV is the choice for a stand-alone.

AGV electronic control system features

1, industrial design, rich interface;
2, easy to use, easy to wire;
3, based on CAN bus, scalability;
4, remote online software upgrade, have good maintainability;
5, support for magnetic navigation / inertial navigation mode, out of the box;
6, the use of real-time Linux operating system, powerful;
7, advanced motion control algorithm, motion smoother;
8, a variety of security mechanisms;
9, support independent differential, differential chain, steering and other servo drive unit.

AGV electronic control system parameters

platform Embedded industrial control platform
operating system RTlinux Free license, industry-standard
input I/O 22 Optical isolation, the maximum can be expanded to 88
output I/O 18 maximum can be expanded to 72
RS232 Serial 3
CAN access 2 Optical isolation
internet access 1 100M network interface, support WIFI expansion
PWM 2 motor controller
Protection class IP40
RFID Recognition support
Manual control mode Tablet control
Control mode Traffic Control Software
Real-time operating status TCP/IP Protocol output
Terminals Industrial Automotive Terminals
Navigation Magnetic navigation and inertial navigation