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The main function of AGV robot is the automatic agv material handling. It is widely used in the automatic telephone workshops of logistics, warehousing, electronics, chemical, machinery and other industries, including hospitals, airports and other places.

IKV is the manufacturer of agv handling trolley, The produced AGV robots are divided into four types of backpack agv, towing agv, forklift agv, roller agv according to the transfer method.

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The backpack AGV places pallets, racks, bins and other goods on the AGV body for handling, or pulls the skip at the end of the AGV. The AGV[1] is guided by the magnetic strip to select the destination by recognizing the landmark. The traction-type AGV trolley AGV runs stably with a minimum turning radius of 300mm and a stop accuracy of ±10mm. The car is suitable for production systems with frequent transportation and long material supply cycle.

backpack agv on sale Characteristics

1, single, double, omnidirectional operation, small size, flexible handling.
2. When the agv robot transfer cart is used with multiple AGV unmanned vehicles, it can form an assembly line instead of the assembly line to form a flexible production system.
3. Place the pallet, rack, bin and other goods on the AGV body for handling, or pull the skip at the end of the agv car.
4. The maximum speed of the backpack-type agv vehicle can reach nearly 60 m/s, enabling the parts to run quickly and accurately.

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Towing AGV trolley is compact, compact and flexible to handle. It can be lurked at the bottom of the skip to automatically hang and trip with the skip, or it can directly pull the skip. This model is mostly used for material distribution in the factory floor.

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Forklift Agv Robot, also known as the unmanned forklift, has a variety of vehicle configurations. Some are based on common forklifts converted to Forklift Agv Robot Price For Pallet, and some are tailored to the specific application. In recent years, as the application scenarios have expanded in various industries, more forms of handling vehicles and mobile robots have emerged.

AGV forklifts are irreplaceable for traditional AGVs:

1. Vehicle restrictions: Tianzi support and Sichuan word support, this standard pallet can only use unmanned forklifts;
2. Weight limit: AGV trolley, the normal load is below 1T, the current unloaded forklift can reach 3T;
3. Involving the direct docking conveyor line, the AGV trolley can not be realized, generally only the unmanned forklift can be selected.

Unmanned Forklift Agv Robot are mainly used for material handling in factories and warehouses. Compared with the traditional AGV car, the Laser Forklift Agv Price is more flexible and intelligent.

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