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The AGV is an automated guided vehicle (Automated Guided Vehicle) that can travel along a prescribed guiding path. The AGV navigation method with safety protection and various transfer functions is commonly used for magnetic navigation, QR code navigation, laser navigation, and visual navigation.

laser agv consists of the vehicle body part, vehicle controller, moving& turning unit, laser orientation scanner, laser safety protection device, sensor etc. Laser scanner and protection device adopted synchronized localization technique, the laser scanner detect the area terrain, and depicting a map in its internal IPC, thus the AGV moving trace and position can be located, reducing moving route, increasing work efficiency. laser guided agv is a long-time developed AGV robot published by IKV. The oversea markets launching showed the technical confidence in this industry.

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IKV laser guidance forklift Lifting AGV (pallet stacker type) series, needs of different industries, laser forklift agv is mainly composed of agv vehicle body, and lifting gear, etc. The equipment bear the empty tray, with the tray, paper roll and other lifting work.

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forklift laser guide agv precise positioning; no other positioning facilities on the ground; driving the path can be flexible and can adapt to a variety of on-site environment, you can modify the driving route at any time by software, there is no magnetic stripe and landmark maintenance more convenient, it is currently the preferred foreign Advanced guidance.

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The qr code agv logistics robots are intelligent warehouse materials handling robots developed by IKv Their speed can reach 80m/min. agv robots qr code navigation include QR code, magnetic tape, visual navigation, laser navigation 4 modes; Small and agile, high accuracy and fast; Auto paths design; 360 degree rotation and gesture holding.

IKV industrial automated guided vehicles agv navigation mode is applied at present laser navigation, magnetic navigation, qr code navigation, vision navigation. AGV navigation mode can also according to the actual factory environment, requirements, design suitable way of navigation. Factory direct sales, welcomed the advisory, order. agv robot transfer cart suppliers.

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