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Bidirectional driving self-unloading lurking AGVS

2019-06-19 15:49

Bidirectional driving self-unloading AGV Introduction
The Bidirectional Driving Self-Unloading lurking AGVs can be used for putting on finished magazine or turnover box.  china bidirectional lurking agv stops by station and accomplish the round-trip transportation between A-B or multiple stations, it’s been widely used for material transportation in the workshop of the factory.
Bidirectional driving self-unloading AGV

Bidirectional driving self-unloading AGV Parameter

AGV Type Bidirectional driving self-unloading AGV
External Dimension L800*W500*H500(mm)
Control Type PLC/AGV Moving Control Chip(Optional)
Guidance Type Magnetic Tape Guidance/Photoelectric Guidance/Laser Guidance(Optional)
Moving Direction Forward, Backward, Left, Right, Bifurcate
Communication Function Wireless LAN(Optional)
Driving Method Differential Speed Driving
Driving Power DC24V、DC48V
Driving Lifting Type Manual Lifting or Electrical Lifting
Carrying Capacity 100、300、500、1000KG(Custom)
Moving Speed 30-45m/min speed(custom)
Turning Radius the minimum 500mm (line pavement radius)
Guidance Precision ±10mm
Working Type 24 Hours
Gradeability 3-5 degree
Stop Precision ±10mm
Charging Type Manual Charging (optional automatic charging)
Battery Maintenance Free Battery,Continuous discharge number>300 times
Safety Induction Range ≤3m,Adjustable 20mm the distance for emergency brake is less than 20mm
Human-computer interaction Adopt touch screen man-machine interaction, easy to set parameters, the site and submitted to the warning.
Working Environment Indoor Temperature: 0-40 Celsius Degree Relative Humidity: 40%-80%
Safety Protection Front Obstacle Testing Sensor + Mechanical Anti-collision Mechanism + Emergency Button
Design Life >10 Years

IKV Robot offers a full array of ruggedly built AGV types with standard and custom lurking AGVs to meet the toughest material handling challenges.  IKV will thoroughly evaluate your material handling needs to develop the right AGV solution for your facility. 

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