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Intelligent Warehouse logistics AGV

2019-08-01 10:05

Intelligent Warehouse agv robot

Intelligent Warehouse Floor Transport agv robot with Multiple Purposes, mainly includes the vehicle, peripheral equipment, field components and fixed control system.Warehouse logistic AGV is the most reliable and selling standard products, including tens of thousands of standard products in dongfeng Peugeot Citroen, das auto, Johnson controls, midea, gree, etc. Car motor factory operations. It is very suitable for factory/warehouse to reliable and consistent way of peer-to-peer mobile transportation workpiece/trolley/tray. Referred to as AGV, which is equipped with automatic guided electromagnetic or optical device, can travel along the guide path specified, with safety protection and various transport vehicle shift function, the driver does not need industrial applications to transport vehicles, rechargeable batteries as its power source.

It works navigated by Inertia 2D bar code,small, agility, high accuracy and fast.The functions includes automatically avoiding obstacles,flexible route design,long time load holding.Elfin can move the shelf rack of the cargo from big warehouse storage district to certain required area,which highly increase the efficiency of transportation logistics.Overall 50% efficiency raises after using Elfin robots.

Intelligent Warehouse agv robot Advatages

1. Flexible load handling options
2. Easy installation
3. Cleaner and quieter than conventional conveyors
4. Easy modification
5. Less barriers
6. Easily scalable

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Intelligent Warehouse agv robot Parameter

 Intelligent Warehouse agv 
  Product Model
  Product Model
  Product Size
  Guidance Type
  Magnetic Tape Guidance/ Light Electrical Guidance/Laser Guidance(Optional)
  Moving Direction
  Forward, Backward, Left, Right or Bifurcate
  WiFi·Wifi or Radio Frequency
  Driving Method
  Steering Wheel Control
  Driving Power
  Carrying Capability
  AGV Type
  Forklift Type
  Moving Speed
  Turing Radius
  1705-2075mm(it is subject to the forklift outline)
  5-7 degree
  Guidance Precision
  Stop Precision
  Working Method
  24 Hours
  Charging Method
  anual Charging or Automatic Charging
  Safety Induction Range
  ≤1m,Adjustable the distance for emergency brake is less than 20mm (adjustable)
  Alarm Type
  Sound-light Alarm
  Lead Acid Battery or Lithium Battery
  Safety Protection
  Front Obstacle Testing Sensor + Mechanical Anti-collision Mechanism Double Protection + Emergency Stop Button
  Design Life
  >10 Years

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