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warehouse laser guided towing agv

2019-08-01 09:57

Laser traction AGV is used for automatic transportation and connection of material trucks in the workshop. It adopts the world-class automatic guided transport vehicle system (AGV) design concept to realize automatic logistics transfer, realize intelligent, unmanned, information and automation.

The product components mainly include: AGV vehicle transfer body, AGV host computer control system, special WMS system for the project (including production management system, warehouse material management system, electronic signage, etc.)

laser guided towing agv

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laser agv

warehouse laser guided towing agv Technical Parameters

Performance indicator name

Technical performance and indicator parameters

Body size

Maximum size: length L 12 00mm* width W 4 50mm* height H850mm

Mode of delivery

Traction type

Rated load

600kg, the car body is made of high-quality steel, sturdy and durable, beautiful appearance.

Traction method

Power hook

Control and drive unit

Using single-chip control system, the operation is stable and reliable.

The drive unit is equipped with a high-strength polyurethane wheel, which is placed at the head of the AGV car and is responsible for the AGV stop-and-go steering.

Drive form

The drive unit adopts two sets of steering wheel structures (with shock absorption function with a certain amplitude up and down floating ability, which can balance the ground height difference);

Set two sets of universal follower load wheels, polyurethane solid wheels, strong wear-resistance, reliable operation, smooth and no jumping.

Walking form


Walking speed

0 ~ 4 5m / min, automatic stepless speed regulation; the actual running speed can be determined by the process requirements and production tempo.

Control method

(automatic / semi-automatic / manual)

In the "automatic" state, the AGV central control dispatching system automatically travels by wirelessly dispatching the AGV trolley.

The "semi-automatic" state is activated by human intervention. The vehicle touch screen can be used to set the target station and adjust the operating parameters. The AGV trolley can be operated automatically.

In the "manual" state, when the control fails or the vehicle fails, a one-button release hook emergency treatment method can be employed.

Parking mode

Motor deceleration + electromagnetic brake

Guidance method

Laser navigation

Guidance accuracy

Guide accuracy ± 10mm (straight / curve), automatic correction.

Parking positioning accuracy

Parking repeat positioning accuracy ± 10mm.

communication method

Wireless 4G communication network.

Power supply

Car: high performance lithium battery pack;

Central control and display system, charging station, etc.: 220V, 50Hz.

charging method

Intelligent online fast automatic charging, the AGV trolley enters the charging station for short-time fast charging replenishment every time it completes a work task. In addition, when the remaining power of the AGV car reaches the lower limit set value, it will inform the upper computer to dispatch the AGV car to the charging station automatically. Long-term charging repair, the charging will be automatically put into the queue;

The ratio of charge to discharge time is not more than 1/5;

Only when the AGV trolley enters the designated position of the charging station, the charging connection module can be energized to ensure safety and reliability.

Multi-level security

Software protection

(Using infrared area scanning anti-collision sensor)

When the AGV trolley deviates from the route, it is instantaneously corrected and automatically guided to the correct route. When leaving the route, it will automatically stop and sound and light alarm;

The AGV trolley has a memory recovery function offline. After troubleshooting, it needs to return to the path to continue the previous tasks and instructions.

When the AGV car is lost due to landmark loss or communication failure, it needs to stop automatically and sound and light alarm.

Hardware protection

Mechanical anti-collision insurance strip: It is arranged at the outermost edge of the AGV trolley before the operation. When the AGV trolley and the obstacle are touched, the AGV trolley will automatically stop immediately and send an alarm signal. The emergency stop distance under any speed load is required. Not more than 50mm.

Visual and sound and light prompts or alarms: AGV trolleys are equipped with eye-catching safety warning labels, three-color indicator lights, buzzers, and sound and light prompts or alarms in the states of operation, stop, fault and obstacle detection.

Emergency stop button: The operator's hand triggers the “Emergency stop” button to force the parking. Only after the fault is removed or the danger is released, the “Emergency stop” button is released and the “Reset” function button is pressed, the AGV car can resume normal operation. .


The design structure is reasonable, the operation is simple, beautiful and beautiful, and has a modern sense;

It is reliable, stable and safe, functional and easy to maintain.

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AGV vehicle control system

The AGV trolley adopts bus-type development and modular design. It has the advantages of reliable operation, powerful function and convenient maintenance. The entire AGV trolley consists of control module, walking module, laser guiding module, power supply module, wireless communication module, safety protection device and so on. composition.

The vehicle control system is the core of the AGV car. The on-board MCU is used as the control unit. It is connected to each function terminal module through the I/O interface to detect the working status of each function module in real time, and handle the abnormal situation according to the predetermined scheme. Mainly responsible for AGV trolley walking, route guidance, parking space determination and other functions. At the same time, real-time communication is realized with the host computer management and dispatching system through the wireless communication network to realize information interaction.

AGV laser guidance sensing system

Working principle: According to the process requirements, install multiple laser reflectors at appropriate positions around the AGV trolley travel path (requires AGV vehicles to illuminate at least 3 reflectors at any position of the travel path), and AGV trolleys are guided by laser The sensor performs coordinate guidance and performs walking and correcting commands.

Main features that can be achieved

Task scheduling: Manage the shipping tasks generated in the WMS system according to the time sequence and task priority. At the same time, according to the working status and operation status of each AGV car, select the AGV car to perform the task.

Path management: According to the needs of the transportation task, the operation path of the AGV car and the target station are automatically planned to be docked, and the AGV car strictly follows the planned path to drive independently and work. At the same time, the AGV trolley running in the turning position and across the road can be communicated in time to avoid the pedestrians and vehicles. For the AGV car running in the loading area, the local area is controlled. When the loading point has the AGV car, the rear AGV car stops waiting at the waiting point; when the loading point does not have the AGV car, the rear AGV car runs directly to the loading point.

Vehicle management: According to the working status and operation of the AGV car in the system, select the AGV car to perform the task; monitor the state of the AGV car's power, and let the AGV car stop running when needed, and go to the charging station for charging. After charging, the AGV car will automatically go online.

Communication system: Each field station communicates with the AGV control system through a wireless communication network to transmit information about task scheduling and execution.

The whole vehicle is powered by a high-performance lithium battery pack, DC DC24V drive and control power; Various safety protection devices are available, including laser area scanning sensor, mechanical anti-collision insurance bar, emergency stop button and other multi-level protection; Equipped with safety warning labels and sound and light alarms.

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