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AGV automatic charger

2019-08-01 10:01

agv automatic charger
agv automaric charger

Introduction to charging method

一. the AGV charging mode uses automatic charging (side punch);

二. the AGV automatic charging zone and the standby zone location can be set according to the actual conditions of the site according to customer requirements;

三. When the AGV power is lower than the set value, the AGVS system dispatches the AGV to the charging area to dock and charge the automatic charging station. After the charging is completed, it automatically goes to the standby point to wait for scheduling.

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1. The AGV on-board computer monitors the battery energy through an ammeter, and the battery is insufficient to automatically charge the charging station;

2. If there is a car in the online charging position, the AGV to be charged will automatically go to the next working cycle to charge, without affecting the production;

3. Set the function of online fast automatic charging or automatic charging after offline activation, when the automatic charging fails, and can be randomly adjusted to the manual charging function;

4. Communicate with the host computer to realize automatic charging of the charger and automatically shut down, and notify the completed charging vehicle to automatically put into online operation.

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