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2020-03-26 15:53

QR code AGV logistics robots are intelligent warehouse materials handling robots developed by IKV. Their speed can reach 80m/min.are capable to transport the materials on the shelves from the huge storage areas to the designated places according to orders, facilitating operators to carry out the secondary sorting and packaging out of the warehouse. The robots not only effectively improve the efficiency of warehouse inbound and outbound, but also reduce labor and error rates, save operating costs.

intelligent warehouse sorting system

. "Goods for goods", high sorting efficiency, low labor intensity
. Designated deposit/receipt of goods/goods, low skill requirements
. Out/inbound document processing, efficient path scheduling operation, and in-store material information storage trinity software processing system
. Only simple warehouse infrastructure, less civil construction investment
. The system is easy to construct, fast, flexible, and easy to relocate.

Basic combination unit

. FCL picking: The system specifies the location, the operator takes out the whole box and confirms it through the barcode scanning system.
. Single seeding: The operator scans the rack hole bar code and the bar code required for the inbound document, and then places the item in the corresponding space.
. Dismantling according to the specification: The system specifies the location, the operator takes out the corresponding item and confirms it through the barcode scanning system.

Driving mode

1. Straight line walking: in the two-dimensional code dot matrix map, realize linear movement along the longitudinal and horizontal directions of the code
2. In-situ rotation: In the two-dimensional code point position, the in-situ rotation centered on the two-dimensional code is realized.
3. Turntable lifting: In the static state of the car body, the lifting of the turntable is realized.
4. Turntable coupling: In the case of reverse coupling of the turntable and the body rotation, the vehicle body has a 360-degree rotation range, and the turntable maintains an angle with respect to the ground.

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Application industry

E-commerce warehouse sorting, third-party logistics, in-plant complete sorting logistics.

route plan:

. Path re-planning: During the mission, Xiao Huangren can predict whether the immediate path conflicts. If there is a conflict, the system adopts the “avoidance” mode and re-plans the subsequent path.
. Optimal path planning: Before the Xiaohuang people perform tasks, the system adopts the “optimal path planning” mode scheduling.
. Traffic lights: When multiple "small yellow people" need to pass the same intersection at the same time, the system adopts the "traffic light" traffic mode scheduling.

TOP view

qr code agv robot top view

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QR code AGV technology Vedio

QR code AGV technology Parameter

AGV Body Weight 150KG
Carrying Capacity 500KG
Dimension 912*712*320mm
Max. Moving Speed 1m/s
Guidance Type Visual Two-dimension
Obstacle Avoidance Method Laser Radar
Communication Method WIFI
Control/Stop Precision <10mm
Step/Clearance <10mm
Lifting Height ≥52mm
Lifting Time ≤4s
Battery Volume 40AH
Continuous Working Time 8 Hours ( Full Load)
It can meet running demand around the clock.
Charging Mode Automatic Charging
Charging Time ≤1.5 Hours(fully discharged)
Condition Indicator Light Front or Rear Panel
Emergency Switch Front or Rear Panel
Quick Operation Button Front or Rear Panel

Nanchang IKV provides a complete range of AGV, including lurking AGV, Bidirectional Roller AGV, towing AGV and forklift AGV; AGV trolley can be widely used in electronics, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical, logistics and other industries to achieve logistics automation applications. Rapid deployment saves labor costs and increases productivity. For details, you can consult the manufacturer hotline: 0791-88121058

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