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industrial robot arm

2019-08-01 10:15

industrial robot arm Introduction

According to different working requirements, the industrial robot arm has different type. We can do industrial robot according to customer's requirements. Industrial robot arm has wide application with different structures.

IKV industrial robot arm
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Five axis and 6 axis industrial robot are like human's arms. They apply to Loading, unloading, spray painting, surface treatment, test and measurement, arc welding, spot welding, packaging, assembly, chip machine, fixed, special assembly operation, forging, casting, etc.

industrial robot arm Additional equipment

According to the actual application needs of customers, using Estun ac servo system, expanding external shaft, realizing customization. Including 7 axis robot, servo displacement machine, teaching device, electric control cabinet.

industrial robot arm Application software

According to the characteristics of different industries application Estun for customers to provide the corresponding application software. Including off-line programming software, the simulation software, visual software package, bending process software package, welding process software package, palletizing process software package, robot remote monitoring, robot visual solutions.

Industry application Industry application

Our products are widely used in welding, pallet in handling, bending, sorting, stamping, machining, forging automation, spraying, polishing, slaughtering and other industries.

Industrial robot manufacturers description

Nanchang IKV Co., Ltd. is a leading robot robotic tech enterprises, industrial robots unique technology as the core, independent research and development, specializing in the provision of industrial robotic automation solutions. Providing industrial robot apparatus comprising: a welding robot, palletizing robots, painting robots, handling robots, assembly robots, robot polishing, polishing robots, loading and unloading robots. Learn more You can call our hotline: 0791-88121058

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