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spray car painting robot arm 6 axis

2019-08-01 10:11

car painting robot6 axis painting robot

spray car painting robot arm 6 axis introduction

Car Painting robots, also known as Spray painting robot and Industrial painting robots, Which can be used for automatic painting or spraying other paint industrial robots. Automatic painting robots generally use hydraulic drive, with fast action, explosion-proof performance and other characteristics. Automatic painting robots are widely used in electrical, aerospace, automotive, furniture, toys, plastic, car painting,car parts etc.

spray car painting robot arm 6 axis advantages

1. Spray accurate, normal operation time is long, paint consumption of the province, the work of short, 24 hours without interruption of work, high reliability.
2. Painting speed, spray evenly, according to the workpiece changes automatically adjust the gun level, before and after the angle position, spray size control flexibility, 360 degrees omnidirectional no dead spray.
3. Danbach design spray robot explosion-proof, environmental protection, high safety performance, easy to operate and easy to learn.
4. Spraying painting robot can also paint 2 - 5 different products, one arrived in more than one Taiwan.
5. Spray robots have long life, no wearing parts, easy maintenance.
6. Industrial painting robots can be installed in a number of different locations (wall, shelf, rail) allowing for even greater flexibility.

painting robot 6 axis

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spray car painting robot arm 6 axis configurations

dimensions: 40 (w) x 40 (h) x 50 (d)cm
Mass: 6-20 kg
Material: Carbon steel
Control panel: 5.7-inch monochrome LCD with emergency stop button and numerical keys
Chinese/English languages
iEc Protection class: IP54
cable Length: 8 m

spray car painting robot arm 6 axis applications

From traditional applications to electrostatic handling, IKV's automated spray system is designed to meet a variety of spray needs. Spray painting robots have been used in a variety of industries such as plastic parts (internal and external) and metal parts (rust Processing, etc.), recycling industry (liquid, powder), wood industry, agricultural equipment, household appliances, consumer electronics, aerospace, optics.

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