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6 axis automatic polishing robot

2019-08-01 10:13

6 axis polishing robot

IKV production grinding robot adopts advanced cutting software and machining force control technology, as well as spindle, tool magazine and turntable, which can replace manual and deburring machine tools. It is mainly used for castings and boring. Automatic processing of grinding and deburring of gold parts, sanitary ware, computer notebooks, mobile phones and other housings.

6 axis automatic Polishing robot advantage

1. Saving money: The automated production line greatly reduces the cost of using highly experienced technicians; the polishing quality is highly consistent and the product failure rate is reduced.
2, high production efficiency: compared with labor, the production efficiency is greatly improved; continuous stable processing for a long time.
3. Excellent product quality: Highly consistent product quality.
4. Improve the working environment: The closed robot working room isolates the noise and metal dust from the outside, reducing the exposure of personnel to harsh environments.
5, personal safety: the worker's work accident caused by the operation of dangerous processing equipment is reduced to zero.

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Grinding and polishing robot application case

polishing robot application casepolishing robot application case

Grinding and polishing robot system

Combine the grinding machine and the robot into a single robot grinding system or a complete robot grinding device, supplemented by a transmission line and corresponding fixture technology to develop a complete grinding process automation production line, which can efficiently complete the automatic grinding process of non-standard parts.

Grinding automated robot manufacturers

IKV is a professional polishing and polishing robot equipment supplier, providing you with professional non-standard parts grinding solutions to help you solve the problem of polishing automation and boost productivity. For more information on the price and performance of the grinding robot, you can send an email to: info@ikvrobot.com

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