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automatic 4 axis palletizer robot

2019-08-01 10:13

autocmatic 4-axis palletizing robot has been mass-produced. It is widely used in palletizing and handling of beverages, beer, food, tobacco, chemical, logistics and many other industries, with an average service life of more than 10 years. Direct floor bolt installation, palletizing weight (including gripper): 180Kg. Servo motor and driver are used in Delta, and reducer is used in medium and large. Linear guides, ball screws for Taiwanese captains. Synchronous pulley, synchronous belt with Shanghai Fulong. The gripper can be clamped (finger, presser, splint), suction type, etc. Various types of grippers are connected to the robot wrist by bolts.

IKV robot palletizer Concrete Bag Pallet Robot is composed by two parts ,one is Controller and another is the Manipulator.Palletizing robot can classify itself into three types: box palletizing, woven bag palletizing, bulk palletizing.

1.Box palletizing: it is used for packaging case palletizing.
2.Woven bag palletizing: it is applied for chemical fertilizer, fodder or flour woven bag palletizing;
3.Bulk palletizing: it is mostly used for construction brick palletizing;

4 axis palletizer robot
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Main Features

1) Simple structure ,easy in installation and maintation.
2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts ,electric parts and operation parts.
3) When there is some change about the production line, just need to modify the software program.
4) Running in a high automatization and intellectualization,no pollution
5) Robert Palletizer takes less space and more flexiable ,accurate compared to the traditional palletizer.
6) Reducing a lot of labour and labour cost, more productive.

Technical Parameters

brand name IKV
model ER130-C104
number of aixs 4 aixs
load 130kg
repeat positioning accuracy ±0.2mm
ambient temperature 0~45℃
body weight 1100kg
energy consumption 8kW
Installation method Ground installation, Bracket mounting
Application handling, palletizer, loading and unloading
Maximum wingspan 2800mm
Body protection rating IP65
Electric cabinet protection grade IP43

Wrist allowable torque

J4 axis 36.25N.m
J5 axis /
J6 axis /

Wrist inertia

J4 axis  /
J5 axis  /
J6 axis  /

Maximum single axis speed

1 axis  120°/sec
2 axis  110°/sec
3 axis  105°/sec
4 axis  330°/sec
5 axis  /
6 axis  /
Range of motion of each axis
1 axis  ±178°
2 axis  +42°/ -85°
3 axis  +85°/ -55°
4 axis  ±360°
5 axis  -115°<(2轴+3轴)<+20°
6 axis  /

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4 axis palletizer robot drawing

4 axis palletizer robot can be used in many production line, providing intelligent, mechanization for production site. It is a palletising logistic system which can be used in the industries of beer, water, soft drink, milk, beverage and foodstuffetc. It is widely used for carton, plastic crate, bottle, bag, barrel, shrink wrapped product and can etc.welcome to buy IKV industrial robots!

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