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6 axis palletizer robot

2019-08-01 10:14

6 axis palletizer robot Improves adjustment, large load and long arm display smart palletizing robots. It is equipped with a smart palletizing software package to automatically generate palletizing programs. It can be equipped with all kinds of special grippers to provide palletizing application solutions for bags, boxes, bottles, barrels, etc., making the production line more flexible and more efficient.

6 axis pallletizer robot

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The ability of palletizing robots is higher than that of mechanical palletizers and manpower. The machine has a low failure rate and is easy to maintain and repair. One robot is equivalent to more than 10 people, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing company cost! It is suitable for automatic packing and palletizing in various industries such as home appliances, food, beverages, grain and oil, alcohol, feed, and chemical industry.

Performance characteristics

1. Six-axis robot with wide range of motion, flexible joint movement, and effective and rapid placement of load;
2. Avoidance of special points, smooth movements beside special points;
3. Powerful hand, sufficient torque and inertia, can handle large workpieces;
4. Flexible handling position, free handling range, can carry a variety of workpieces, and even in the same workpiece, you can take a variety of handling positions.

Technical Parameters

brand name IKV
model ER210-C40
number of aixs 6 aixs
load 210kg
repeat positioning accuracy ±0.2mm
ambient temperature 0~45℃
body weight 1110kg
energy consumption 8kW
Installation method Ground installation
Application handling, palletizer
Maximum wingspan 2674mm
Body protection rating IP65
Electric cabinet protection grade IP43

Wrist allowable torque

J4 axis 1337N.m
J5 axis 1337N.m
J6 axis 720N.m

Wrist inertia

J4 axis  141.1kg.
J5 axis  141.1kg.
J6 axis  79kg.

Maximum single axis speed

1 axis  100°/sec
2 axis  90°/sec
3 axis  95°/sec
4 axis  130°/sec
5 axis  130°/sec
6 axis  200°/sec
Range of motion of each axis
1 axis  ±180°
2 axis  +10°/ +150°
3 axis  +90°/ -83°
4 axis  ±360°
5 axis  ±120°
6 axis  ±360°

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6 axis palletizer robot drawing

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