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BTS motion control card

2016-06-02 16:44

BTS Motion Control Card Introduction:

BTS motion control card also called BTS series movement control card is developed based the market requirement about low price, high quality movement controller. The movement control card has multiple function or advantages. It is the movement control solution and can easily integrate the machine and movement control on the PC operation screen of the machine.
BTS motion control card
BTS motion control card

BTS Series Movement Control Card Characteristics

IKV’s BTS movement control card has strong PC control, which is easy to be programmed, debugged or maintained. This product supplies software development tool with strong function, which lets the user easily makes secondary development and meet the special function demand from various types of machine.

Movement Control Card Parameter





Operating Temperature

-40~70 degrees Celsius

Communication Port

Support MODBUS RTU/MODBUS TCP/TCPIP/HTTP Standard protocols

Data Record

Maximum support 32GTF card



Digital Input / Output

5-way I / O input /output, expandable up to 40 I / O Input /Output