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BTMC Industrial controller

2016-06-02 16:43

BTMC Series Industrial Controller Platform Introduction:

BTMC series industrial controller platform packs all of the hardware unit required by the automated industrial controller product as independent module. Each module has unified port and structure feature. Different module can be quickly integrated based on the product function or quantity, thus form a professional automated controller platform.
BTMC Industrial controller

BTMC Series Controller Advantages

The user can quickly construct his own product hardware system by means of BTMC industrial controller. It is mainly devoted to the application software and technical realization mostly concerned b y the user. BTMC industrial controller has the following feature: it adopt multiple axis control, several IO control, multiple task or channel control. The networking is easy, and the distributed control can be easily achieve. BTMC adopt industrial internet technique, each unit of module can be interlinked, different device or working station can be independently controller and networking in the production line.
BTMC controller

Industrial Controller Technique:

Industrial control technique is the key to new industrial resolution. As the requirement from the manufacturing enterprise on the industrial control complexity and individualization becomes higher, the structure is required to be more open and the developing cycle time for system is much shorter, the modularization and network turns the trend.
Based on above mentioned demand, IKV supplies BTMC-A series movement control platform. It adopts industrial onsite bus technique, makes the function required by controller refining function module, which reflects the netwwork, modularization and standardization. Moreover, it has more competitiveness, openness, reliability and response stability. It has big volume data storage, strong extension capacity, which helps the client to achieve differential positioning